Are you looking to fix root causes instead of delivering more quick fixes?  Do you want to achieve great service by having a great organisational culture and getting the best from your employees and suppliers? And do you want to learn how to do this?

I want to

improve quality

I need my people, processes, technology and/or suppliers to work together perfectly to meet my customer needs exactly.


I want to

reduce costs

I need to remove the hidden costs in the business without cutting back on the value I deliver. 


I want to

innovate and grow

I want to develop my startup capability: a fast-track route to designing and getting new services to market.



We have extensive experience of large scale and targeted training interventions from front line to executive.  Typical programmes cover operations excellence principles (e.g. Lean and Six Sigma), specific tools (e.g. visual management, root cause analysis) and Lean leadership coaching.

Popular are one to two day immersive learning workshops where people practice as they learn.

Also popular are longer term coaching programmes where managers learn as they solve real world problems.  These programmes can be certified.

Service Redesign

Maybe a radical rethink is what you are contemplating? Or maybe you want a smaller project where you can learn and prove the concepts of continuous service improvement? Either way we have extensive experience of helping organisations to significantly improve customer experience, staff morale and financial performance.

Every service has room for improvement, we specialise in equipping your managers and teams with the skills they need to identify and go after these opportunities.

Innovation and Startup

Many of the great companies grew and became successful by using different thought process and breaking the established rules.  We can help you to develop your team’s capability to be innovative using these processes (e.g. Lean Startup) in ways that can truly transform your growth potential.

Popular is a half day introduction to Lean Startup using the successful Playing Lean simulation game. 

Social Learning for business owners, directors and managers


We have helped many organisations both large and small, public and private to achieve amazing results.  We are now developing a social learning environment where we can help thousands of individuals to learn these principles and techniques.

We believe every business owner, director and manager should have easy and affordable access to this crucial business knowledge.

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